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Although we are not a restaurant, or short order cooks, we strive to provide a tasty and filling breakfast. I am a professional baker so there's always something yummy in that respect. We are currently only allowed to serve guests of the B&B per Mechlenburg County rules. 


Here at The Delicate Flower B&B we provide you a number of breakfast options. Additionally, being a small B&B affords us the opportunity to be flexible in breakfast serving times. If you like to eat early, we can arrange that. If you prefer a later breakfast, we can do that too (up until 10am since check out is 11am).


We will ask you your preference when you check in, along with any allergies we need to be mindful of. Please note that we do typically have most of the main allergy foods/ingredients (peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, wheat, grain, soy etc) on the premises so we cannot 100% guarantee no cross contamination.  We will try to accommodate the best we can.

Typical breakfast could include sweet or savory options, such as:

  • Quiche

  • French toast/pancakes

  • Home fries or hash browns

  • Muffins or pastries

  • Sweet breads

  • Fruit

  • Cereal

  • Juice

  • Coffee or tea

  • Plus anything else that comes to mind any given day.

We are always trying new recipes to help enhance your overall experience with us.

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Breakfast 2 June 2020.jpg
Breakfast quiche May 1, 2020.jpg
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